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Engifest 2016


Thrill, joy and ecstasy are words that are synonymous with ENGIFEST, the Annual Cultural Fest of Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering). Engifest is one of the oldest college cultural fests of the country. It was started way back in 1974 by a bunch of enthusiastic DCEians. In February 2016, the fest will throw open its doors and welcome more than 30,000 enthusiastic students and professionals from all walks of life. ENGIFEST is a four day extravaganza; a celebration of sorts; a dense, fun-filled embodiment of the energy and conviviality which characterizes college life; a festival oozing with fun, vibrancy and entertainment. It is a product of dreams ambition and tireless hard work, a true testimony to the indomitable spirit, liveliness and sheer energy of the youth.This application will provide you with the latest information, updates and surprises that come along with attending this event. So saddle up for the journey of a lifetime.